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mostly I'm soliciting an opinion from leemoyer, but anyone can play...

As we were falling asleep last night, for no apparent reason I put down The Council of Elrond and said to notarysojac:

If P. G. Wodehouse had written Harry Potter, he would have been Harry Potter-Purbright. (We did not speculate whether he would be related to Catsmeat)

jim replied: I'd probably be more interested in them then.

We then got into a sleepy "argument" over the PBS version. Jim ventured that he thinks Stephen Fry would be Dumbledore and Hugh Laurie would be someone else, possibly Snape. I am in the reverse camp - Stephen Fry (as Jeeves, of course) as Snape, and I am ok with Hugh Laurie as (Bertie) Dumbledore - though I would pay to see him as Lucius.
Tags: harry potter

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