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I love my mailman. And it's spillover from you guys --

Packages in the post today! Yay!!

media from myth_adventure - I can't wait to compare it to the process I've been using - though it may lead me down the path of madness as I replace the old bits of my collection. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness!

And jim found my book lying about with a bookmark in it. ??? I've never seen you use a bookmark for reading he said - just marking your research pages.

(I have this weird habit that I developed as a child - when I put my book down, I just remember the page number. It is obviously a skill related to when I developed it, because these days I can't remember what I went down the hall for, (especially embarrassing if it was meant to be a bathroom trip) or an entire phone number at one go - though I can tell you my phone number from when I was in kindergarten (FReeport 8-7858) or my id card number from college)

AHA! I showed him. This is not a place keeper - this is a companion! Two companions, really, because the bookmark itself is my sweet Faramir, and because it came to me from kortirion. So, my compass and companion...

*North pokes me*
"I'm supposed to be the compass" she huffs. And what is Faramir doing with that ring?"

Ah, North - we all know the answer to that. Faramir isn't doing *anything* with that ring, silly girl.

And as to the other -- you'll get your turn.

"And you tell Melleth- *as if* she she's going to come the beach as a housekeeper! My boy knows who his real family is! She is a *guest*" *goes to get her room ready*

**hugs Kortirion**
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