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Book survey - I saw it with fairandbright

Hardback or Paperback?
paperback - because they take up less space. When you have been a compulsive reader for 50 years, it becomes important - though not a deal breaker, because I also love instant gratification.

my real answer is library - I live very close to a good one, and I am buying fewer things that I know I could get anytime.

Highlight or Underline?
Highlight, underline, notes in the margin, crumbs in the gutters (today that was mrkinch's fault!) notes on stickies, notes on litttle bits of paper, notes in my commonplace book....

and at the best of times, notes in my writing journal, too.

Also (just ask edrys) in my e books - underlining, highlighting, font and colour changing and pop up notes in Word's editing.

Lewis or Tolkien?
I hear you laughing, you know...

I do like some Lewis, though.

E.B. White or A.A. Milne?
both, but Milne

T.S. Eliot or e.e. cummings?

how can you ask me about EB; AA; TS and ee and not give me some question I can answer with P.G. Wodehouse?

Stephen King or Dean Koontz?
neither, with a vengeance.

Barnes & Noble or Borders?

when I go to the physical store, though, our Borders is fun, well stocked, and helpfull while our B&N is useless, and to top it off, rude. Their worst failing is that I don't believe anyone there has ever read a book.

Fantasy or Science Fiction?

Horror or Suspense?
Neither - but maybe I'll give suspense a little room, since I read mysteries

Bookmark or Dog-ear?
I am using a bookmark at the moment, but because it is Faramir and it came from kortirion and so I smile whenever I see it.

I simply remember what page I was on, by number. I always have. I do have a habit of laying a book down with the page open, but that's about speed

I have only known one other person who habitiually used no marker, and his reasoning was that he would open the book to where he thought he was and back up until he found something he remembered.Because he was reading on the subway, he would sometimes be distracted, and this made him reread things he hadn't really absorbed.

When he was reading Dune, he began it at home and read quite far in on the first night. On the subway next day, he backed up looking for his "memory" spot, and got to work without finding it. On the third day he reached the first page again and gave up.

Alphabetize: By Author or By Title?
grouped by genera if it made it to the shelves. Authors together within that if it's worthwhile. Piles on every flat surface of my apartment, and standing in tupperware in the bathroom to keep their bottoms dry

Novella or Epic
epic series

Fiction or Non-fiction?
both, but I love nonfiction. I go through periods where I can't read fiction, but never where I can't read nonfiction.

there are a handful of fiction books that are exempt, of course...

Historical Biography or Historical Romance?
History, Historical Biography, Historical fiction, Historical romance if its well written, and of course - Alternate History...

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