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Toast, I am toast tonight!

but, great weekend in which the fates conspired to give Chris her birthday wishes. Comcast played the old movie she wanted to see; Kingdon of Heaven was released just in time to make it here; her favorite group (Sons of the Never Wrong) played locally on Saturday night; we had a great dinner and presents session on Sunday; and tonight we saw Alan Lee speak and give his powerpoint presentation (and bought many many yulies)

More on Sons and Alan tomorrow -- but I had to pop out to tell kortirion that when he showed the cgi painting of landscape looking east from Minas Tirith, and we could see not only the ruins of Osgiliath, but Anduin's oxbow south of the Harlond surrounding the rolling hills of Emyn Arnen, North seized my brain and made me grab Chris and whisper "I can see my house from here!" I think this will require an icon.
Tags: alan lee, tolkien

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