fileg (fileg) wrote,

drabble: first snowfall

we had our first snowfall today, and it reminded me I had not managed to get this down for the snow challenge at tolkien_weekly

The music was thrilling in itself, but its potential was more thrilling still. Out of our souls poured sound and words; out of the words poured power.

“Hydrogen,” Varda sang, taking my hand.
“Oxygen” I replied.

Seeing them merge, Nienna touched my cheek and lifted my tear.
She held it aloft and I breathed upon it, as cold as ever I could.

Trinity divided, doubled, and crystallized.

I lost my heart to the beauty, and left part of my soul in every flake that formed, tumbling down, settling like a blanket, carrying me to the Arda of my own heart.


"Truly, Water has become now fairer than my heart imagined, neither had my secret thought conceived the snowflake, nor in all my music was contained the falling of the rain... " -- Ulmo
Tags: drabble, tolkien

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