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So, jim and I are having one of those conversations (that we have nearly every night) when I drag him off the couch at 5 am drag him to bed for an hour, and we're both half asleep but blithering. And NO, I'm not going to tell you what led into this, it's bad enough as it is...

jim: reaches the end of a speculation on nose size and possible associated activities

me: hmmmm, both those gondor boys have

jim: big ones?

me: lovely large noses.

jim: but not dad - actually, isn't it funny they look so much alike, but not at all like dad. Finduilas must have had a hell of a honker

me: or known some ranger or traveller with one

jim: ah, *that* ranger?

me: no way, he has a bitsy nose.

jim: that's true. so, who might have been passing by with blond hair and a big nose?

me (sleepily): mmmmmm.....I don't know.... haldir?

jim (laughing): Aha! That would explain so much - like why Boromir hates musical comedy, and why Denethor closed Minas Tirith to the elves

me: hunny, that only happened in my stories

jim: well, this is only happening in your stories too!!
Tags: arda, family speak

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