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strange long day

OMFG! My house is so tidy! Jim has been like the white tornado, and gotten me moving almost to match. (Ok, there is still a bunch of laundry in the bedroom, and the office is not being counted in this, since we have to make it worse in order to make it better - but it's moving, and even with the ongoing *make me more zen* project in there, big station is dug out and quite usable. I'm so pleased! plus, swords are hung, and we tossed a huge amount of pantry staples that were waaaay too old (5 year old tea! ick!)

We are still hearing mice in the pantry and crawl space, but without dry catfood down, there isn't much for them to find attractive (The first swipe at the pantry turned up the target of choice - two packages of WASA that I forgot to seal in tupper/ziploc. They don't seem to have any interest at all in low carb staples!

I was so tired, I actually crawled off to bed before 2 last night (though once there I could not sleep)

And last thing last night, I broke a front tooth (fortunately painlessly) and my wonderful dentist squeezed me in at the lunch hour to fix it. It's fine now, but a little shorter than it was, so when I eat, I keep having sudden panicky feelings that I've done it again. I'm sure we'll cap it in the spring... but uuuugh! Babying a tooth just when I am looking forward to meeting friends for various feastings. waaah.

Friends from Boston made their regular Yule visit, and we went for the traditional Chinese dinner. I enjoy them very much, but I am so worn out from lack of sleep, dentistry, and having a child in the house - I'm just not used to it, and as you can imagine, lots of my house is quite sharp.

It did make me feel a little more seasonal, though.

Jim and I watched 3x3 eyes. I liked the first one much better than the second.

Part of that is sound - one of the problems I do have with Anime is that I have *really* sensitive hearing (never wore the headphones in the sixties, and mine doesn't go to 11....) and so some of the traditional sounds (screaming, high pitched children, puppet laughing, etc ---) have kept me from enjoying things I know I would otherwise get into. It actually easier when it's just a fight, because I can turn the sound off altogether and turn the subs on.

I'm hoping I'll (as jim says) sleep like the lembas tonight
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