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Blood Price

Blood Price
for the passion challenge
Team: Dunedain
Characters: Denethor

I never meant to write this as a stand alone, but the closeness of Movie III put me in a sudden panic to have it out in the open.

Blood Price

Now I have heard his tale, and I am more convinced than ever that what my son serves in the name of Gondor is not what I serve, nor what I would have him serve.

He had within his grasp the only chance that might have turned the tide – and he cast it away. For honour? For fear? To some purpose I cannot see – or simply to defy me? To deny my vision of Gondor in Glory again?

Was he beguiled by dancing shadows spun forth from a stranger’s need? What did he see in the darkness that dwells inside the gleaming circle of gold? What did he see in that empty place surrounded by power that would make him risk his life against my wrath?

He has lost the game this time, for my fury has grown beyond restraining. I quail at the thought of all that perished with my blood, my Boromir… and left me to Faramir and fate.

I have forced you to the wall. Choose. Will you be seen as a traitor or a craven? Choose!

Then ride to the river, and show me your strength and your stalwart spirit. Ride to the fate you brought upon yourself – and carry as your burden the doom of those you hold dear. Ride to your death, knowing you lead your men into slaughter by your choice -- your begrudged words to me, but still your own.

By your choice, they will all die. On your head shall it fall.
Tags: arda, fiction

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