fileg (fileg) wrote,

friday five

notarysojac (jim) and I had dinner at the diner with persephonesbear, octoberscorpio and sharpiechick before the last two leave again for school. Thursday, of course - or as we call it here, Pea soup Thursday. Great to see them, and hoping Panther (the cat that got the nickname "pastry bag" because of an incident with Jim) is feeling better soon.

being out on Thursday always throws me off about posting here, because so many of my graphics games close on Friday. So, mostly so I don't go another day without a post -

we have been watching: Donnie Darko; Beyond the Sea; Mermaid Forest (the end); Scrapped Princess (the beginning); Saiyuki Reload V; Soul Taker (the end)


1. take a book you've read. now take the main character. put them in a band. what would the band's name be?
Like the book: Persian Boy

2. what instrument would that character play?

3. who else would be in that band?
Bagoas, and an ever changing cast of backups a la Spinal Tap

4. would they stay underground or get popular?
Popular - or else!

5. why did you choose that book?
I don't know why it popped into my head, since I haven't read it for years - but imagining the stage costumes amused me. Also, I would have had more choices if it didn't specify "lead" character. Bill Weasly should be in a band... Harry - not so much.
Tags: friday five; watching

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