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habits meme

I was tagged for this by isil_elensar

Write six of your habits that are unusual and weird, then tag six others to do the same...

Jim and I have had several discussions about this, but I'm having trouble zeroing in on what would seem weird if I wasn't me

1. If I am home, I am wearing: black jeans, a grey man's singlet, my glasses and some sort of soft hair tie. that's the complete list - all day, every day.

(when we went for dinner with friends over the holidays, I got up and said I was going to change into my outdoor jeans. Steve, puzzled, wondered what the difference was, and I replied "These are the same as my outdoor jeans, but my outdoor jeans have underwear under them. His wife scraped him up while I changed.)

2. I eat the same thing for breakfast for months unless something shakes me loose. I wish they made the equivalent of Dry Catfood for filegs. My current breakfast is a can of atkins shake, 10 ice cubes, and a shot of splenda sweetened syrup (I like hazelnut) in the blender

3. I don't mind washing the dishes, but I hate to wash silverware. (Jim is really good about trying to get to it before me.)

4. I need to be asleep from about 8 in the morning till about 11 - whether that's part of sleeping all day, or if those are the only hours, if I don't get them, I might as well stay up.

5. when jim and I are fooling around, he takes off his wedding ring (we wear claddahs, with occasionally unpleasant edges) and drops it on the headboard, and it makes that ring sound. So if he takes it off and drops it anywhere else (say, on the counter ledge to do the dishes or on the table when he's sculpting) I want to drag him off to bed. Hello, Pavlov.

6. I keep Jobe's Dictionary of Mythology, Folklore and Symbols on the headboard in case I need it during the night. (not sure that's weird. I keep a book that is the equivalent of Sumo for Dummies next to it if that helps.)

(extra credit) Jim mentions that I never wear earrings in pairs.I have three piercings (two on the right) and I usually wear a single earring on the right side. I like mixed earrings, though, and I frequently use them as sort of secret code for where my head is at.

I'll bet some of my friends list can supply stranger ones that I didn't think of.

I don't do the tagging thing, but I'd love to see some of your answers.
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