fileg (fileg) wrote,

fonting about, good and bad

Good (for me, anyway)

I have had the email from Myfonts with the winners from this year on my desk for weeks - Jim nudged me last night and I treated myself to Baka and Lassigue D'mato

I am feeling a little guilty about these because they won't be especially useful, but oh how I love them.....



someone on the fontaddicts line was looking for a font, and was directed to a fontsite called Flyerstarter.
This site is SO BAD I feel compelled to warn you about it.

The fonts (At least the freefonts, which is where the link I was following took me) are on badly constructed pages with useless amounts of blank space, in addition to my usual mac problem of "style sheet jumble."

Since the person asking about the font was having trouble figuring out how to get the download, that's what I was trying to do.

I had the page open in Mozilla, Safari, Firefox and I even found my buried copy of Internet Explorer without being able to locate the correct spot to click.

When Jim got home, we waded through the code (It was just a point of honor by this time, you understand) and he managed to figure out the link. It's a hyphen, (yes, a single hyphen) somewhere near the name of the font.

But, it hardly mattered, since if you click any of the links once you do find them, they take you back to the home page.

Nice coding, guys.

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