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drabble: new character

This is for the challenge at tolkien_weekly to write in a voice I have not written in before. 100 words is not really enough to say I have written in a new voice, but I have not written this character before (though Chris elladans_witch and I have had plans for a while now to do so together. Real Soon Now, or as we say - Pagan Standard Time) two of you will understand that this is, in its way, for North

This one owes some of its essence to movie!verse, but holds up as canon. I feel like I squashed this one into the suitcase with a crowbar...
It all belongs to The Professor, and it is his fault for making me think these things...


a sunny afternoon in Valinor...

“Commiserating?” I asked, coming in just as what was probably a third bottle of wine was being opened.

Elu Thingol nodded. “Only we understand hearing our daughters declare their love was worth dying for...”

“Gift of Man, indeed,” Elrond grumbled. “Why did you never try to dissuade Idril from the choice?”

“It’s fortunate for you I did not…” I began; he had the grace to blush.

“She was not a child, but a woman grown.” I smiled then, and added, “Thankfully, because I did not try to keep her, in the end I did not have to lose her.”
Tags: drabble, fiction, tolkien

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