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stream of consciousness: film


Fritz (aspidites) has driven up to visit me, and we are sitting around with the IMDB open on all our individual laps, and watching Naveen Andrews dance in Bride and Prejudice.

I introduce Fritz to the dangers of deepdiscountdvd. The remake of Psycho comes up in conversation, and I admit that after clutching my head for years over a frame by frame remake, I found a reason to like it - William H. Macy. Alright, I add - and Hitchcock didn't give up Viggo Mortensen naked in the window, either.

"Is he in that?" Fritz asks. "Who does he play? Sam Loomis?"

I nod

"Father of Willie?" she asks

I spit coffee into my lap


Now, I go out to the internets to find a link to show Jim who Willie Loomis is and we find this picture of "the servant/slave of Barnabas Collins"

Jim: Barnabas Collins was played by the cigarette smoking man?

coffee, anyone

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