fileg (fileg) wrote,

in love with my mailman

and it's because you keep sending me presents for no good reason...

I'm crawling off to bed now, but I have been sitting on the recliner totally fallen into a trap a book --

kortirion sent me The Lord Of The RIngs : A Reader's Companion and flung me into an instant dilemma of just falling right in, or to get back to posting my own chapter notes. I fell in, but I do feel the need for notes and a re-read coming on.

Well, I had to look up all the Faramir references right away. One of the reasons I haven't been crazy about the last two essay/criticism style books on LOTR I bought myself was that the boy didn't even rate a mention. He did MUCH better here, which pleased me right away. Though there is never enough Faramir for me, he comes off splendidly -

"Faramir quickly develops into one of the most fully rounded and sympathetic characters in The Lord Of The Rings: perceptive, merciful, brave,responsible, restrained, aware of his position but neither boastful nor arrogant, choosing to do what he feels to be right even if it may be to his disadvantage."

and pairs it with the description of him from Tolkien's letters (modest, fair minded and scrupulously just, and very merciful)

How nice to hold that in my hands
especially after the situation that led to me leaving HASA.

I'm sure I'm going to enjoy playing with it!

Once again, I wish we could live close enough to crony about together!! Wouldn't we give the neighborhood a shake-up!

And while I was reading, I had a lap full of birds --

when Fritz (aspidites) came up to visit last week, she was squeezing the perch full of little Audubon stuffed sparrow-y filegs and discovered that very few of them make their bird call anymore. (I still love them, but someone should have thought about how to change their batteries!!)

She sent me new additions to my flock - a song sparrow, a hermit thrush, and a ruffed grouse that makes the most wonderful disgruntled call that Jim kept squeezing him for all night. I am picturing her quail as much like him (and hopefully I'll get the chance to see them before too long.) Errrr errrrr errrrr!

Great visit, as well! I hope we do it much more often!
Tags: birds, family, presents, tolkien

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