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I can't decide if this is a grammar question of simply a logic problem...

Chris loves the vh1 "I Love The.." series so I am watching 1997...

(I am of two minds about this program - I admit, some of the observations really crack me up, so kudos to whoever writes them (I am unconvinced that they are all coming up with their own heads.. yet, I am also really annoyed at people whining about stuff *they* made popular, especially when... well, this is a different thing, let me get back to my question for now...)

I am watching the commentators singing along to videos, Now the videos, I assume, ran on vh1 - so why are we bleeping the people singing along?

ok, that's not my question, either.

Here we go:

If we *have* decided we can't say "ass hole" - why are we bleeping the "hole" part.? Taken as two separate words, wouldn't "ass" be the part you would expect to be bleeped?

Be specific, show your work....

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