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memory bomb

In the 15 minute window between the end of the Skating coverage and the beginning of Texhnolyze ( yes, we are waiting to watch a random episode of a series we own all the episodes of....) we were subjected to the last few minutes of the movie on the Encore channel.

This happened to be the most recent Around The World in 80 Days. Well, that was quite enough of that.

I mention this only because we were flabbergasted by the reggae version of It's A Small World After All that played over the credits. And the sudden thought that someone must actually have a writing credit for this song, and wondering if they have to hide from the public because of this.

The memory bomb was this:
In the ceramics studio where Jim and I go if we have something to be fired (and where we used to go much more often in the days when my mother was alive and I was on speaking terms with my family) there is a display case in the front room with brushes, specialty items and music boxes that fit into the things the little old ladies are making for their grandkids.

(ok, I am a little old lady, but you know what I mean. They are making Bears and Castles and clocks. Jim and I are making things like this. click those pics )

Anyway, the music box packages come from somewhere overseas and the labeling is sometimes a little off. In particular, I used to wonder about the ones labeled "It's Athsma World" - thus tonight's flashback. I was always a little more concerned about "The Teddy Bees Picnic" though....

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