fileg (fileg) wrote,

technical help?

instead of reading and writing to you, I've been trying to solve my browser problems with limited results

I've been using Mozilla for my graphics journal (fileg_) and Safari for this journal, also tied to my Eudora for answering mail

But a frightening number of the anime communities I belong to use cascading style sheets that Safari (famous for its ability with css) on the Mac sees as a jumble of -- well, crap.

In an attempt to find some happy halfway house, we decided to bite the bullet and move both sides to Firefox, which gives me the best selection of the things I like about the other two browsers.

Except now, when I go to someone's userpage, the first button (the one for Add As A Friend) is gone.

If we sign in on jim's laptop in his copy of Firefox (we're using 1.0.7) it's fine, but nothing seems to fix it on mine.

I opened my preferences and threw away all the sites I had blocked images from, just in case, but no change.

We selected the string of buttons ( I have to do; memories; search, nudge and gift) and looked at the code

all the other buttons have a tag after the button description that begins img src but the add friend button has a tag that says img style="display: none;"

Anyone have an idea about how to fix it? I'm not used to problems that stymie Jim.

And please, can you tell me why/how it happens? I am too old and cranky for the answer to so many things in my life to suddenly be "We can fix it, but we can't explain it." I need to know things.
Tags: tech

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