fileg (fileg) wrote,

unclear on the concept

Gah! Trying to catch up to two missed days of my friends list (at least lj stops me at skip 1000) and see what icon games I really meant to enter (why must 90% of them have a Friday deadline? I would think people with a regular schedule would have more time to play over the weekend.)

There's live version of the Arrogant Worms The Mounted Animal Nature Trail -- when they get to the chorus, and sing "And the dog goes...(pause)" the audience thought they were being asked to participate, and made animals noises, which caused one of them to yell at the audience "You are unclear on the concept! The animals are dead!"

In that spirit, I give this award to, who just sent me an email asking me to review three books I ordered the first week in January. Thanks, I'd love to, would you please send them to me so I can read them first? I don't generally mind waiting, but these all said usually ship in 24 hours until the order went through and they all changed to the end of March.

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