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Both of us feeling slightly off - My eyes are swollen for no discernible reason, making everything a chore, and Jim was cold and queasy, possibly as a result of lunch. I poked at ice water all day, and ended up having popcorn for dinner sometime around midnight.

I am almost relieved the Olympics are over (JIm can hardly believe I said that, I look forward to the winter games so much) but the coverage was so tedious and annoying that I never really enjoyed anything. The time shifting hurt too, as they could pick and choose what to show us based on results they already knew. I am really looking forward to Vancouver, since my favorite winter games coverage ever was Calgary. (though I also loved Nagano and Lillehammer)

Jim and I settled on the couch like two big lumpy pillows with powerbooks, and watched Corpse Bride and the first disk of Gankutsuou, both of which we really loved, in spite of the textures-that-don't-move anime style of the latter making us both a little motion sick in parts. It's gorgeous, and I will have to cap out some desk tops - and I want green marble hair!

I have both North Country and The Proposition, and I bought Jim the extended Dune, so I need to keep building in a little watching time. Tonight, I needed something that wasn't going to force me to use my brain, though I will watch both of tonight's features again.

And I really need a huge LOTR marathon, and soon.
Actually, I don't need it as a marathon - I think I need it slow, with lots of back and forth.

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