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I got a google alert today (some serendipity in this timing, neh?) about this article in Can magazine online, about best death scenes, and of course I wasn't surprise to find it was our boy.

Actually, my google alert (which has finally settled down again) is for the keyword "Faramir", who is mentioned in this paragraph:

Due to his rank and his bloodline, Boromir was selected to join a secret meeting held in the Elf-city of Rivendell; Boromir's brother, Faramir, opted to go but Denethor wouldn't have it. The meeting was designed to create a small, specialized, group to help combat Sauron by secretly delivering the one ring to the fires of Mount Doom. After much debate, Boromir became one of two human men, the other being Aragorn, to join the 'Fellowship of the Ring.'

Now, that is neither Movie!verse nor Book!verse, and there is more description that makes me wonder if these guys saw the same movie as I did. Yet the conclusions are familiar, and I thought you might find it interesting.

Best Death Scene

(off to meet Chris at Cracker Barrel for Pancake Tuesday)
Tags: tolkien

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