fileg (fileg) wrote,

Does anyone ever actually catch up? Well, not me, I guess, even if other people manage it somehow. My friend Doug once referred to my office as Rubick's Den - I'm still trying to find the good starting spot.

I had a long phone conversation with Robin last night. She had fallen on the ice. Serendipitiously, she seems to call me every time she falls - my theory is, it jars out the peg next to my name in her brain!

I hadn't spoken to her since her mother passed away, so along with the usual madness we spent time talking about the things families do. Makes me glad I don't see mine. (though I suppose sooner or later someone will try to put me on the hot spot for not rushing to see my uncle). Maybe I'll have a new phone number before then...

Whenever we get to that spot, I am boggled at how Robin managed to grow up to be her in that family. (I sometimes wonder this about myself, too - but I had my mom after all.)

Robin, if you read this, just remember we have each other for siblings the last twenty-something years.. The hell with the rest of it. Chosen family is the best.

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