fileg (fileg) wrote,

quick update

Got to see Chris tonight, more than just a driveby. She brought wings for dinner, and we watched Close My Eyes (which in spite of Alan Rickman and a young Clive Owen I can't recommend!) and Cold Comfort Farm which I heartily can. She left early-ish because she has to work tomorrow morning, but we are hoping to do The Core tomorrow afternoon.

Then Jim and I watched the penultimate Full Metal Alchemist leaving me clutching my head like a stunned monkey (I have owned them for ages, but have been making myself wait for the one a week thrill) and a bunch of marmalade boy.

I am about to wake him up and take him to bed when I got a note in my last email download of the day saying my icons had expired! Good grief, it was like a disaster bulletin, the hell with tornados and avalanches, where are my little boxes?!?

Well, as you probably figured out already, I forgot to sign out of my graphics name when I paid for them last week.... what a maroon....

At least it was quickly fixable, but one more proof of the sense of humor of the penates and lares of my household - great practical jokers, my spirits. My genii loci always find it necessary to pull some prank the moment I say "Well, I'm going to bed now..." usually assisted by the technospirits that live in our wires but love only notarysojac.

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