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I've been good - but there are *spoilers* here

First I have been meaning to report, especially to mrkinch, that my Elrond statue was delivered, and I cannot tell you how beautiful he is. He is better than the WETA photos would ever lead you to believe - they give a nice overall impression, but god is in the details - every cirth is visible on Hadafang's blade, his green underskirt and pants are embossed with a pattern of long pointed, pinnate style leaves, and he is taller that the full length Boromir (Who he is now standing next to, ready to defend should an AU story pop up.) Absolutely gorgeous! Well done, WETA!!

Complaint and Commiseration:

I have been a little heart-sick over what's been left out of ROTK for another year, (should never have read that article at TORN before they pulled it) but I have, for the most part kept my mouth shut. (Mostly because when I wanted to ramble and complain and get it out of my system, my very understanding best friend told me to suck it up) But I really felt this quote from Wee Tanya's report on the press roundtable—

I asked David Wenham whether there were any parts that he’d particularly look forward to in the extended DVD.

“Why yes, finishing Faramir’s story, and the bits with Eowyn,” he said promptly.

He was very gracious about it, and went on to say that he thought the movie was great and he knew the rest would make it onto dvd for posterity - but I felt like he needed a hug. (ok, I always feel like that. And *I* wanted a hug. A big, deep Faramir hug.)

On another note -- Look, Flick! We can collect the set:

The Japanese reporter asked how it felt to shoot a certain very important scene with Denethor and Faramir.

“There was a wax double made of me,” said David. “Really quite eerie, actually.”

Let it be noted, therefore, that if you want amazingly lifelike waxen (and rather sickly looking) models of the two brothers of Minas Tirith, there’s now a complete set! Just ask Richard Taylor for details…
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