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I should be around again starting tomorrow, and if I have missed anything you think can't wait while I play catch up, please let me know -- mrkinch, I just got your note, and kortirion, I'm sure you have drabbles at least waiting.

the short form -

Jim took a few of the days he needs to take off before the end of April, (he can't possibly take them all, but there seems to be some trade off as long as he takes some) and our office, while still in "rubick's den," is better than i could have hoped for in the time we have given it so far. You can actually stand where his desk used to be fully opened, and the big laser printer, a flat monitor (from work, which replaced a huge deep 21 on the server) which fits on the folded desk, and said server are now making up the small station. Where the laser printer used to dominate the big station, all the video and audio conversion material is now stacked in half the space, (blocking the wall phone at the moment, but I almost never answer in there) and reachable while you sit at the big screen, and the new printer is hooked up and usable at the top. Those of you who do video exchange with us can picture me smiling. New router next.... and someday, new desk layout and design.

We also began to organize the next big batch of *to go,* which consists mostly of magazines at this stage (many of which I thought had already gone! Gahhh!) and we set up a delicious library database for our Manga, so I can keep track of what we need, and entered them all and put them back. Also, the laundry can be seen over o_O if you squint.

The other part of where I've been concerns that "is my family still my family" thing that comes up now and again. My brother, who is the only family I still give the name to, has had an emotional bombshell dropped on him, and on top of that, I think he is now feeling cut off from the rest of the birth family in the same way I have since my mother died.

Part of what precipitated this is that my uncle, (who I mentioned around the holidays was ill), passed away this morning. I am in that disconnected state about it, because to me, my family ceased to exist in 1991. So, no immediate trauma. No one but my brother even bothered to keep me posted. Still, there was a time I adored this uncle, especially when I was small, and it came back in waves right up until my family struck the blow that allowed me to cleanly break my own branch off the family tree. I'm sure something will surface in a while, possible requiring another trip into those photos from the '50s.

Anyway, I feel like I have crossed a threshold again, (which you could probably tell by me going into divesting mode) and I'm anxious to talk and play here, and especially hoping to prod myself into writing.

See you in the (my) morning.
Tags: family, zen office construction

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