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Chris and I had plans to subject Jim to a movie weekend, but she decided she was toast (and she is traveling to see family this coming weekend) so we bagged it for now. I even forgot to torment her by telling her that Ah My Goddess 4 had arrived (Jim has addicted her to it) and that we had saved it for the weekend...

On the plus side, because she is traveling she offered to take stuff to give her next youngest sister (Chris is the oldest of 7) who carts it back to Tennessee and ebays it for me. Perry and I hardly know one another, but the blessed girl likes to ebay stuff that I cannot be arsed to put the work into, like old magazines.... and so, Jim and I have spent the early part of this week pulling out magazines with many a cry of "I thought we got rid of these!"

Some got put aside for scanning and later disposal (a several year run of Herb Quarterly, for example -- does anyone want these by the way? Speak up!) and some of the old computer magazines were just -- well, one of them announced the forthcoming Mac OS5!! yeah... It was hardly the oldest in the pile, either... gah. So, we pulled out things for scanning, and made a pile we called "Mulch." Some of the old print/font catalogs have been turning up some great icon fodder as we disemboweled them. Someone at work took the rubber stamping magazines and catalogs, And we are still debating whether to keep all the old issues of the Fortean TImes, which is so amusing that we have friends who I *swear* only visit me to use our bathroom. (Usually there is a Fortean Times, an Australian copy of Empire, a Weird New Jersey and a Newtype at least - people have actually become anime fans in our bathroom!)

We cleaned out an additional shelf of the bedroom doorway bookcase, so now all our manga are now shelved with a small leeway for new arrivals (I hope to have decided on their permanent home by that time) And we still have three big boxes of magazines and craft books packed for pickup tomorrow. Yay! I think I'll make a big pack of cross stitch patterns next time we do this, since I have done only an occasional bird ornament since I moved to the bifocals. And we turned up a polariod camera that they don't make film for anymore, hiding in a box I have kept for years that a yule gift from Lee was in - he has drawn on all the sides, my favorite being Jaques Cousteau discovering Chthulu.

Slow, but effective. The worst of it is the dust, especially in this time of early pollen - Jim is all squinty and I have scratched most of the skin from the back of my hands.

Now, if we can keep the slow but steady pace through the summer....

In the background as I type this, I am watching a program about Australian Fishermen on the evil science channel, and it is called Tuna Cowboys which I can hardly type with a straight face.

Speaking of Australia - I just finished reading Bill Bryson's In A Sunburnt Country. I love his early books, and in the end I mostly enjoyed this one, but wow - it was so snarky in spots I almost put it down half a dozen times. Are all his recent books like this? *sigh*

Reading it made me need to dig out Sean and David's Long Drive which is also snarky, but I am not hampered by expecting something else. (I like it so well that when I first read it, I ordered the Lonely Planet book about their drive across America which was so whiney I never read anything else by him. It has all the unattractive qualities of Kerouac as recently reviewed by avon7 without the benefit of the glorious language.)

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