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poetry month

In all the cleaning and book moving, I came upon my mislaid copy of Robin Williamson's The Wise and Foolish Tongue, and inside it a letter from Robin and a pic of us both wearing purple shirts (which I would scan for you, except that I'm in it, and we can't have that, can we? But I have the mother of all grins on my face, and dark hair which I hardly remember having since I've been a combo of grey-white-colorless for ages now)

But I thought I'd give you this for poetry month, and spare you the words to the filk High Fly The Nazgul-O, which I have been singing all day.

The fileg in me is partial to the third verse, but may love lead us all safe home.

These islands green
Robin Williamson
from American Stonehenge

Scotland O where I was born
And happy I have been
It is days come months come long years
Since my home I have seen
All over North America
From shore to shore I roamed
It's thinking often all the while
And how would I get home

And all good friends what may betide
So dear so far away
And the green and pleasant countryside
Where erst I spent my days
And when the road is hard and long
I oftimes call to mind
Old Scotland's vales and Scotland's dales
And the love I left behind

But this rolling world's no poet's home
Nor has been since Man's fall
Through hollow lands and hilly lands
Where the lonesome sparrow calls
His notes evokes a broken key
As you can understand
Which makes us roving strangers all
From our native land

So treat me kindly as I go
As heaven doth require
A safe rest and a friendly word
Are all that I desire
And a glass of your good whiskey bring
In the height of my good cheer
And I'll think on it kindly many a mile
When I am gone from here

I'll take the good times with the bad
Times are nothing sure
I've learned the while that fortune smiles
On them that can endure
Ah but I will trust in Providence
No matter where I roam
And honest ways and honest days
Will lead us all safe home

Ah, have the filk as well, and I'll picture you all singing this around the world

High Fly The Nazgul-0
(Ted Johnstone - sung to Green grow The Rushes, O)
I'm not typing out all the reapaters, so sing the alternate text on the way back down the list...

I'll sing you one, O
High fly the nazgul, O
What is your one, O?

One for the one ring, Lord of all
That was destroyed by Frodo

I'll sing you two, O
High fly the nazgul, O
What is your two, O?

Two, two, the watchful towers
guarding over Mordor, O
One for the one ring, Lord of all
that was destroyed by Frodo

Three, three, the elven rings

four for the hobbits on their quest (four for the questing hobbits)

five for the wizards from the west (five for the western wizards)

six for the six names of the king (six for the names of Strider)

Seven for the dwarf Lord's magic rings

eight for the ancient elf swords

nine for the nine brave walkers

ten for the battles of the ring
Tags: arda, filk, poetry

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