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typically for me - I never manage to get through a project these days without finding a piece of something else that seems more crucial, that is more immediately important to me or that has to be done in order to finish.

last night I was working on an ongoing project. I am trying to find and restore the writing that vanished when the lotr100 pulled the plug without warning so long ago. This is (I hope) leading to me collecting all the writing I've done in the last year or so and post/link it since it isn't cataloged anywhere, and I've come to think of my drabbles as one of my strongest exercises.

I was opening old entries in this journal, looking for missing fiction links, and adding tags, when I suddenly realized that on some of those old (2003) entries, the comments are gone. Now, I know there were entries without comments, but in several cases, I can clearly remember particular exchanges. Of course, packrat that I am, I have comments mailed and I have them all squirreled away (which is how I am finding most of the stories)

But, these entries were before the mailing of comments. And some of my favorite feedback, fooling around and general sqeeing and mayhem is in the comments.

My original plan was to use the save as function in firefox and make a full backup of my journal (I have my paper journals back to about '66 after all) so I was looking at a time consuming project that is again an excuse not to write.

But when I was recounting all this for notarysojac, he remembered a site that would download ones journal as a pdf file, but he thought it might be a pay site.

Today while cleaning out some bookmarks, I stumbled across that link. It is not a pay site, and by splitting up my downlads into 6 month chunks the documents are quite manageable.

So, let me heartily recommend LJ BOOK.

I may want something more interactive in the long run, but I feel better knowing I have those files as a backup. woohoo!

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