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I was up all night finishing up a draft to see if I had written a story, and sending it off to a few wonderful people who offered to Beta the beast with no more information than that. It is getting mixed reviews in feedback, but it seems to be swinging the vote toward working out the bugs. I need to let it sit for a few days now.

I slept a few hours in the middle of the day, and thought I would catch up to my mail and maybe (maybe) write in a different place. But Chris called and kidnapped me to dinner, and is now sleeping on the couch so we can go off adventuring tomorrow.

We have been collecting images for the found tarot for years, and had some great if sometimes dissimilar ideas and images. My posting cards has encouraged her to look for the box where she kept hers - its gone. Possible a casualty of one of the many moves she made for awhile, possibly a slightly more unhappy circumstance. But gone, all the same.

Tomorrow we are going to set off in search of cards. posters and photos, and see what we come home with.
Tags: chris, found tarot, personal mythology, unfinished, write

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