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alan lee alatriste alternate history amergin american revolution andrew lang anime antarctica aragorn avari barry windsor smith bluejays book of conquests boromir broken sword brother cadfael byrd canada canadian folk music carcassonne celtic mythology comparative religion cordwainer smith corvids cosmonauts cowboy bebop daniel jackson daniel lanois dave carter david mccallum david wenham dead like me denethor dwarf hamsters edith nesbit edward scissorhands ernie dingo fantasy art faramir firefly fluffy yellow towels folk music forensics forteana fountain pens foxes fullmetal alchemist furuba gertrude jobes gilbert & sullivan gondor gordon lightfoot graphics gus grissom harryhausen hatshepsut heavy horses henry ii herbs history hugh jackman icons illustration illya kuryakin inuit legends james keelaghan jane yolen jim fitzpatrick john adams john waters jory nash joseph campbell kitsune labrador lee moyer lord dunsany lord of the rings louis prima mabinogian man from u.n.c.l.e. mike kaluta moriquendi mouse woman mysteries mythology non fiction northern lights ogham ossian oysterband p g wodehouse pacific rim partholan photography photoshop plantagenets polar bears polynesian mythology ravens reading dictionaries retro retro art richard iii robert gould robert graves robert ito robin williamson robin wood rosemary sutcliff ruth rendell saiyuki sean bean shackleton sharon kay penman sharpe silmarillion sims space exploration sparrows spice trade stan rogers stephen eicher stephen fearing sue hubbell sumo susan cooper susan seddon boulet tarot tarot art tenko the floating world thomas burnett swann thoth thule thyme travel narrative tuor valentina tereshkova weiss kruez wilfred owen winter words writing x files yaoi yelling at the olympics yule yuri gagarin zone 4 films

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    Just before he woke up, jim leaned over and said, "Thank you for helping me with the pork atoms."

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