fileg (fileg) wrote,

self interviewing

the_reverand asks 5 questions and tells me to ask myself 5

1. What is the color of your hair?
sort of silver-grey-white. It currently seems to be doing its best to go colorless-transparent

2. What book or magazine is nearest to you at the moment (doesn't matter if you're reading it or not)?
to my left, 70 Japanese Gestures - (Jim and I are trying to learn to spot non verbal communication in anime. We can spot the "nyah-nyah" all the time now, and I am picking up a few more.)
to my right, an issue of GEO from October 1982 - part of the pile of things I want to scan as I discard them. This issue has albatrosses on the cover)

3. What do you hear?
How I Won The War - Jim just transfered it from vhs to dvd and is spot checking the disc.

4. If your grandmother walked into your home/apartment/room right now, what would she be wearing? (Bonus: what might she say?)
A cotton housedress in a blue shade. She will want to know about the other 10 grandchildren on this side of the family, and will be appalled to find out I only stay in touch with my brother.

5. When you were little and grownups asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, what did you say?
When I went for my "interview" for catholic school kindergarden, the nuns asked me what I wanted to be when i grew up and I replied "A lighthouse."

6. John is leaving Cincinatti at 4 o'clock, Jane is leaving Montreal at 2 o'clock. If they intend to meet in Texas for dinner 6 o'clock, what should Jane wear and will John try to make a move?
Jane should wear some nice cool pajamas and go back to bed, it's too damn hot to even think about going to Texas. John should consider bringing an air-conditioner or he's not going to get lucky until October.

the_reverand says: Hey, so what if the point of the meme was to answer my question in your journal and then make up your own questions? You only get five minutes to make up the questions but you can take as long as you like to answer.

My questions:

1. Why are you sitting here doing this when you should be_______?
(In my case, cleaning the bathroom in case the apartment guys do come to fix the leaky toilet today) -
because it's more fun to be in my brain than my bathroom.

2. Will you ever finish ________
(writing that story?)
I hope not, but I'd like to finish *lots* more bits of it.

3. What is the most recent thing you realized about your writing?
That the fact that everyone on my list writes slash has not made me want to write it, but it has put me off writing in my own arc because it's het. I hate this, I hate feeling bad/embarrassed about it, and I hope figuring that our will help me get past it.

4. What is your favorite anime toy/collectable?
Toss up between 8 inch Gojyo and the plush Cat Bus. (If I had bought the totoro toilet roll holder you could have had one answer, but I was good)

5. Chocolate or vanilla?

fileg's bonus question:
Aren't you awfully lucky to have Jim?
(currently cleaning the bathroom *and* dealing with the apartment super)

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