fileg (fileg) wrote,

my moment of nostalgia for the day

Generally I am firmly in the Technology - Wow! camp - but I really miss dictionary browsing. Jim and I both are prone to looking up something and emerging 2 hours later. I love the convenience of my online resources, I'm especially fond of the visual thesaurus. but wah! I miss being distracted by words.

Jim and I are playing in an icon game together (anime_abc) and on Thursday nights we often have conversations that must confuse people next to us in the diner, where we just list as many Titles, characters and then adjectives as we can with the letter of the week (this weeks is R) - sometimes we sound like a demented version of a Sesame Street song. (In fact, we often fill in gaps where we can't think of anything by singing the la la la la - lightbulb song)

back to wording on the couch with Jim. Righteousness? Rahxephon? Rune Soldier Louie?

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