fileg (fileg) wrote,

i loved this quiz

Last night as we were falling asleep, I announced to Jim (for no particular reason) that I wanted a job as a Gondorian Stud Cuddler. That doesn't really have anything to do with this quiz, and yet - it does.

I am a bird in hand!
Find your own pose!

Bird in Hand is the preferred position of couples who are both on their second marriage (or similarly committed relationship). The experience and wisdom that comes from possessing and then losing love makes Bird in Handers unusually grateful partners, and they revel in the relief of finding themselves in each other’s arms night after night.

I was married before, I never ever forget how lucky I am, and Jim and I sleep draped all over each other after nearly thirty years. We take turns spooning/spoonee

Comfort Zone
bird in Hand is a Wind Sleeper pose. Other Wind poses to explore and potentially enjoy include Pinching Koala and Tree and Excalibur.

Only by making yourself truly vulnerable can you achieve a paramount Bird in Hand. Divulging an embarrassing memory or infection just before bedtime can help set the mood. Or, if you are ticklish, try an arrangement that exposes your most sensitive corners.

We are bedtime blitherers, read to each other, play goofy word games and riff story ideas or porn off each other in a game we call word jazz. I am not ticklish, but Jim's ticklish places are referred to as "yah! spots." I don't mean to torment him, honestly, but he's ticklish everywhere.

Another of our bedtime rituals concers the fact that no matter how many times, or in which direction you flop it, the tag on the blanket will always be next to jim, who hates labels and tags to touch him. If we manage to get it elsewhere, we will wake up with it back there. I think this is his payback by the house gods for being the beloved of the technospirits and the electricity gods (all hail reddy kilowatt)

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