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I got a notice from tonight that Sharpe's Challenge has been dispatched!

I thought I had finished that piece of poetry for Chris's story tonight, but now I'm not happy with it. Think I'll take it apart one more time.

I was really snide to the mod at one of my icon games about the stupid way the voting runs. She was snotty back, so I just dropped the challenge. Honestly, I don't think it's fair to require me to vote for 4 icons (three and a special category that has to be different from the first three - a rule I hate anyway) when there are only eight entered and two of them are mine. Since it was an email conversation, and not on the community's comments, I actually went so far as to say there weren't 4 that were worth voting for, for which I got my wrist slapped for not understanding that "voting shows respect to my fellow icon makers." (I would NEVER have said that out loud, as it were. But of the six choices that were available to me, three of them had the character's head cropped completely out of the icon. Bah.)

had a much nicer conversation with one of my other mods over failing to enter when she was badly in need of players. Well, I can manage just about any theme you assign me, except Humor - I can't do humor to order. It doesn't come to me that way.

I may have been talked into trying Jane Austin. Anyone care to make a recommendation (please base it on what will make me the least crazy). I find it interesting that the person who leans on me to do this consistently finds fault with North's arc if I write anything romantic, because she thinks my idea of a relationship (remember, I'm relying on the fact that I've been in one for nearly thirty years and I kinda know how it works) is "too idealized." I find myself, for the third time in a week pulling out my Frank-N-Furter voice - "I didn't make him for you!"

bed now

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