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You'd think that getting an out of the blue comment on on a story that's been around for ages would be a good thing.....

Honestly, I'm not fragile about this. I'm actually pleased to get concrit, or even honest criticism. I generally even act on it, unless it's a difference of opinion, in which case I thank the responder and go on writing to please myself.

But don't send me a compliment that's written to look like a compliment but is so backhanded the other people in the room with me can hear the slap.

The truth is, you spotted a typo in my story and that's the real reason you wrote to me. That's fine, you can just write and say that. (The truth is, I knew that typo was there, and I have been too damn lazy to fix it because trying to do anything at the pit of voles on a Mac usually means redoing the story with new html and re-uploading it. So, I'm at fault there. Well spotted.)

You don't have to go on to say something nice just so you feel ok about nitpicking my typing. Especially if you can't manage to phrase it so it doesn't sound condescending.

And though I don't think my little gen stories are any kind of deathless prose, if you're cruising the pit of voles and you feel the need to focus on correcting me, maybe I should just be feeling sorry for you.

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