fileg (fileg) wrote,

jewel of war mix

Jim was sorting music, and while we were making sandwiches he put the Gankutsuou theme on because he knows I am obsessed with it these days.

When it was done, iTunes continued to supply us with random items from the big music file on Sindar (the server). We got a christmas carol, and then Jim guessed that we would probably get Tom Waits next, since his mix is heavy with Waits and the Leningrad Cowboys. But instead, it reached into my "writing Boromir" mix - the Jewel of War mix - and pulled out this song by Karen Savoca.

Another Day

Well, I'm not gonna be the only one sniffling, so download this song, and see what it does for you. Then tell me if you want the other Savoca song from that mix, or what songs are in your Boromir mix.

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