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for Memorial Day

liddle_oldman posted from The Band Played Waltzing Matilda, which reminded my it was Memorial Day Weekend (when Jim is home for multiple days, I never know what day it is)

I thought I would share this one from Flanders and Swann - one of their few serious pieces, but it doesn't get much more real. And all the more depressing for being about as old as I am.
(Click the title to download)

Twenty Tons of TNT

I have seen it estimated:
Somewhere between death and birth
There are now three thousand million
People living on this earth
And the stock-piled mass destruction
Of the Nuclear Powers-That-Be
Equals--for each man or woman--
Twenty tons of TNT.

Every man of every nation (Twenty tons of TNT)
Shall receive this allocation - Twenty tons of TNT.
Texan, Bantu, Slav or Maori,
Argentine or Singhalee,
Every maiden brings this dowry Twenty tons of TNT.

Not for thirty silver shilling Twenty tons of TNT
Twenty thousand pounds a killing-- Twenty tons of TNT.
Twenty hundred years of teaching,
Give to each his legacy,
Plato, Buddha, Christ or Lenin, Twenty tons of TNT

Father, Mother, Son and Daughter, Twenty tons of TNT
Give us land and seed and water, Twenty tons of TNT.
Children have no need of sharing;
At each new nativity
Come the ghostly Magi bearing Twenty tons of TNT

Ends the tale that has no sequel, Twenty tons of TNT.
Now in death are all men equal, Twenty tons of TNT.
Teach me how to love my neighbour,
Do to him as he to me;
Share the fruits of all our labour - Twenty tons of TNT.

-- Michael Flanders
Tags: music, politics

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