fileg (fileg) wrote,

I am in the minority among my friends in that I generally just don't find Stephen Colbert funny. However, I do appreciate him when what he's doing isn't really funny at all...

In this clip, he interviews Georgia Representative Lynn Westmoreland (a congressman who's co-sponsored a bill which would require the House of Representatives and the Senate to display the Ten Commandments.) The congressman did not do so well when asked to name those commandments...


One night after a show, we got into a discussion about the commandments at the diner, and no one but me could remember the second one. persephonesbear decided it was because taking the name of the lord in vain was probably the first one we had given up. She has a good point...

We then got into the numbering, and what goes where. I may have had them at different numbers than my protestant friends (13 years of Catholic school) but hey - I could recite them all.

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