fileg (fileg) wrote,

targeting morons

I am sick unto death of the exponential increase in commercials that seem to be targeted to idiots. I know, there are always a few of them floating around, but lately we seem to be inundated. Do you think sticking your arm in a vat of acid makes me want your candy? Or that licking the barbeque grill makes you a hero and I'll use your sugar saturated sauce?

Of course, my favorite is the Comcast ad that assures me that they will give me internet safety in the form of *protection* that acts "like a monkey with a sledgehammer."

Thank god I have a Mac, you morons. What makes you think I want protection that stinks, screeches, endangers my health and sanity, randomly breaks things that are working fine for kicks, and then flings shit at me to seal the deal.

At least, in Comcast's case, that is probably truth in advertising.
Tags: comcastic, i'm not an idiot, yelling at the tv

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