fileg (fileg) wrote,

no more summer


First from the heat - the wedding was in a lovely chapel on the grounds of the Peddie School (where the groom teaches) - lots of history and atmosphere, not so much air conditioning, teeny little pews.

then in wine and champagne - I had the equivalent of an entire glass of wine over the evening, and champage. I seldom drink, and the heat and alcohol combined with the downpouring rain made me a sleepy girl. The reception was in the lawrenceville inn - an old victorian house converted for serving, everything mismatched vintage) I had fresh mozarella, and chicken, and then vanilla creme brulee. yum. and then I wanted a nap, but first I needed to negotiate the stairs in the rain. Jim ate foi gras, which smelled as good as anything I have ever smelled, but still did not inspire me to taste it.

The bride was beautiful, the bride's mom was adorable and the groom could not stop smiling. It was nice to be at a wedding where everyone was happy.

Jim and I talked a lot of music with the bride and groom, (who had just seen Neil Innes live) and the best man. (the groom and the best man do a local radio show together on Monday nights, and both have been involved with booking concerts locally)

*aside* how Peter got his nickname:
Peter, the best man, is adorable and we used to tease him quite a bit in years past, generally in the lobby at our shows. On one hot evening, one of the crew looked up from winding cords and saw him standing in the open doorway, sort of tossing his long blond hair back, and whispered to me - "Look, its folk adonis!" I misheard her, and said quizzically, "Pocahontas?" It stuck instantly.

Guh - it's too hot to want to do anything but sleep and cruise the interwebs picking out birthday presents for jim. I have officially had enough summer already.

I'm going to go turn on the other air conditioner and stand in the open door of the refrigerator and eat cold cottage cheese.

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