fileg (fileg) wrote,

losing my geek status

If I'm not around for a few days -

I just ran a global replace on my big desktop folder in Graphic Converter to put everything in lowercase. (not quite as scary as it initially sounds - no programs or system type files involved, but all my collected graphics resources, all the photos and art that is yet to be sorted, all projects, etc - thousands of files). I opened the tab, clicked the button and walked away.

Well, I forgot that the last time I use graphic converter, I was renaming files. And, since I didn't open it to that tab, I didn't remember that the last request still was clicked to on.

So, basically, I just renamed every file in my working folder to the same thing.

The good thing is, since we hadn't wiped the hard drive that just came out of Claus last Monday, I can copy the folder (should only take about an hour over the wire) and try running the GC find duplicates. It will be hair pulling and time consuming, but I am grateful for the chance. Everything I did this week I'll just have to open, try to re-identify, and rename.

It's going to take days at the very quickest, though. *stupid, stupid, stupid*
I'll try to pop out here when I need a break from it.

I would say just email me if you need to reach me, but apparently something is wrong with my email, too. Incoming seems ok, but I can't find anyone who has gotten mail I sent them since the switch...
Tags: i'm a moron

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