fileg (fileg) wrote,

file fiasco update

My graphic resources files are going to take months to get cleaned and resorted, but other than that I think the files are as fixed as they are going to be.

Chris had overfilled her hard drive, and Jim had suggested she try to free up about 5 gig, so we spent most of the weekend on the couch throwing files away. While we did this, Jim cleaned and pressed some anime, and then we watched Timeline (Better than I could have expected, and Martin Csokas' character completely blindsided me. Cool.) and the entire Hugo Weaving miniseries Dirtwater Dynasty - Totally absorbing, as you could probably guess by the fact that we watched all of it. It was great if you like that family saga sort of thing (we do) though it was obviously written by someone who thinks god is an iron (you know, as in one who commits irony.)

I'll tackle the graphics file in smaller chunks now. And I won't forget to check that damned button anytime soon.

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