fileg (fileg) wrote,

friday fives

really boring this week. sorry, timing is everything. Feel free to ask me better questions.

the friday fiver: (the notarysojac edition)
Name the last person you...

1. Hugged: jim

2. Smiled at: jim

3. Deceived: jim (his birthday is next week, a certain ammount of misdirection is to be expected)

4. Glared at: photoshop chris, last night at the movies

5. Lusted after: jim

the friday five:
you know all the obvious answers, so -

1. What about you makes you unique?
The way my brain works. It wants everything to be connected to something else, whether that's helpful or not. It gives me the connection without explaining to me any of the reasons, so I have to go back and figure out why I know what I know.

3. What do you always have with you while out in public? (for example, earrings, purse, wallet, watch, etc.)
*nothing.* I don't carry anything. I don't even carry my keys most of the time, since Jim or Chris have keys. I don't carry a purse since the last time I was robbed, years ago. I usually have my wallet in the pocket of my jeans, but I forget it as often as not.

4. Is there anything about your body that you think isn't normal?
I am the right handed child of two left handed parents
(so is my brother, though we have different fathers)

listening to: the world series of pop culture, from the Ziegfeld Theater (where Jim and I saw Close Encounters when we were *dating.*)
Tags: family, quizzage

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