fileg (fileg) wrote,

jim's birthday weekend 1

It is storming like mad - hope we're not in for another round of flooding.

Chris is kitten-sitting for a pair of too-small-to-really-be-separated-from-momma-but-were-rescued kittens and we have an invitation to join her for dinner and a movie, kitten petting and use of the pool for tonight and tomorrow night, so of course there has been lightening on and off constantly since last night. We will almost certainly go tomorrow for dinner and kittens even if the pool doesn't work out.

tonight's anime report: We curled up on the couch for bitching-about-Dreamweaver (that would be me - Dreamweaver - it's Comcastic!) and then we watched vol. 1 of Kamichu!, which we both give our highest recommendation to -- If Hayao Miyazaki and Grant Morrison had a love child, this would be it. We rented this one, but it's going directly onto my buy list.
Tags: anime, domestic life

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