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fountain of euphamisims

I read DC comics when I was a kid, and then sort of gave them up. But when I acquired notarysojac in 1977, he came complete with the Marvel Universe. (I spent quite a lot of our first year together catching up - the good part of this was that whatever title I was reading, I often had *years and years* of issues at once, giving enough scope to really get interested.)

As I am sure has happened in any family with more than one comic reader, not long after that we began our ongoing game of trying to find the most suggestive title*. Giant Size Manthing? (too easy) Rod Carson's Hot Rod? Jughead's Eat Out Comics?

In the spirit of this, I direct you to a comment thread in scans_daily

and now, off to get the birthday boy chinese food...

* (related game - earliest reference to cars in the bible. Our current winner - God drives Adam and Eve out of the garden in his Fury)
Tags: fountain of euphemisms

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