fileg (fileg) wrote,

jim as patient

Jim has been feeling under the weather (and this is no weather to be under - between the heat and the thunderstorms. At least we have not lost power long enough to worry about the air conditioning - the power goes off just long enough to make us run around the house resetting the clocks and electronic equipment ) Apparently, going back to work disagrees with him, but as is usual for him, he waits for his day off to be sick. He has a bit of a cough, 1° of fever and the urge to do things he doesn't feel up to doing.

He is currently opening some boxes of anime figures that arrived late for his birthday, and though he is sticking his nose in the boxes and inhaling, he is not even enjoying the vinyl smell we love so much. bummer.

He's not a crabby patient, but he sits about with a mournful expression that makes me annoy him constantly asking if there's anything I can do, and occasionally makes small noises when he has to move. He can't take nyquil, so I can't just knock him unconscious. He is making do with lemon and ginger tea in a glass from work made from a beaker, and pretending that it's helping (I think that's to keep me from helping any more.)

And to make things worse, neither of our rental places sent the right anime - yeah, we do have a ton of other titles, but we're right in the middle of Patlabor and You're Under Arrest and he was hopefully poking the mailbox earlier, but to no avail. He wants the anime equivalent of a blankie. We watched the live action Cromartie movie, and although we laughed ourselves sick, I can tell it's just not what he wants.

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