fileg (fileg) wrote,

project runway, anyone?

It seems like there are a (to me) amazing number of people in the comms who are wailing over Keith's dismissal tonight.

Personally, I don't care if he never looked at a single page of the forbidden books (which I don't believe) - he simply always believed he had the right to have/do what no one else was allowed.

Everything he did and said from the very begining made it clear he thought he was above *all* the rules. He was only sorry that he got caught, and when he was confronted by his roommates about whether or not he recognized that he did this to himself, he refused to accept that and made it about them (I can see your angry. Ha! I thought they were awfully restrained.)

To me, his talent seems to be making other people believe he has talent.

If you really *believe* your the only talented one and you're a lock to win, why not win honestly? Doesn't that show your talent to better advantage?

There were times watching him I felt like I was watching The Talented Mr. Ripley
Tags: project runway

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