fileg (fileg) wrote,

quiet day

Wow - yesterday my terror alert changed to show grover, ernie *and* elmo!

I slept without Nyquil last night, and managed to finish my book. Today I finally felt good enough to venture outdoors, so Jim and I went out for a late dinner.

Driving out, we popped in one of the anime soundtracks he got for his birthday, and found it to be what we can only describe as the Inuyasha Dance Mix. Is there such a thing as an electric dulcimer? I'm dying to see what goes with the track that sounds like bellydancing. I give it a C-

Dinner (breakfast in my case) was good, and I have left over french toast for later. Good planing! Dining was not as good, unfortunately. (I know I'm a cranky old curmudgeon, but I don't want to hear screaming babies all through dinner. I don't expect the world to be child-free, but in restaurants after 9pm or movies that don't start til 10pm, I don't want to hear screaming infants. Fair is fair.)

Coming home under a great big wheel of gouda moon, we switched back to the Gankutsuou theme, and mellowed back out. Later - french toast with sugar free blackberry jam - mmmmmm.

Tomorrow Chris is coming over to cook chicken and watch Zone 4 movies of a currently undetermined nature.
Tags: domestic

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