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post birthday catch up

Just a quick note to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes! I'll try to catch you all individually tomorrow.

Jim and I have been running around, eating all kinds of food that are off plan for us, catching up with a few friends.

Over the weekend part of the weekend, Chris made chicken with (very illegal for me) mashed potatoes. We watched The Interview and State and Main, and lay about like torpid pythons. On Sunday, I was treated to whole milk and a bag of potato chips, and nearly had to go for a nap when the carbs hit. We watched all of the zone 4 miniseries Brides of Christ.

This would have been a great lead in, but late on Saturday, Chris got a call that they were taking her Mom to the hospital. When I got up on Monday, she was on her way north, and things are looking grim (though this is not the first scare, so we are hoping they will prove to be wrong again and that her mom will make another miraculous recovery).

Jim got my Sims 2 running (always a dangerous diversion for me) and we spent way too much time playing with the BodyShop. I am avoiding recreating my favorite Sim1 families (and of course North, etc) until I get a little better at creating faces.

We watched a great swath of Patlabor and You're Under Arrest, saw the end (and OMG, the really take the word end literally, don't they?) of Gilgamesh, and finished a bunch of transfers. I got some things I will have to take pictures of - the long coveted Totoro toilet roll holder and a set of fuzzy zipper pulls (I think I'll put the soot sprites on my red Canada jacket when the weather turns) ; a figure of Shannon from Scrapped princess, some amazing books. And he took me for italian food - (yummy and borderline legal, but I ate my pasta)

Tonight we were supposed to have dinner with Chris and Christopher, which of course turned out to be a three instead of a four.

I ran into the library on the way and returned the John Wesley Harding book unread -It looks great and I'll probably pick it up in paper when my brain turns back to allowing fiction, but I fell into Fatal Storm (about the Sydney to Hobart race). And of course, between Jim and I having birthdays, a great big pile of manga is sitting on the bedroom floor...

Christopher (Remember him from my infamous wedding photo? Kneeling in a kilt?) looks terrific. He has a new celtic boar tattoo, and there is no longer a trace of his Heidelberg Deuling Scar encounter between the industrial air conditioner and his face unless you know exactly where to look. I was the only person in the restaurant sitting with 2 long haired men in Aloha shirts. (Jim actually needs a small trim, but since he's working the outage this weekend, it seems the better part of valor to wait.)

I made it home in time to be annoyed at the Project Runway outcome. Possible dinner hook up tomorrow?

And then, hoping to catch up here. I did a huge revamp of my lj filters so hopefully I will keep up better now.

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