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I just found a package in my mail from amazon UK - hmm, didn't remember ordering anything recently....

It's In The Heart of the Moon by Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate, and it comes from kortirion! I am ripping it into my powerbook as I type. Woot! And many hugs for thinking of me.


I also found a notice from my apartment, announcing that Comcast wants to come in to our building and replace the cable. They've been promising this for (literally) years. As you've all heard me say, our connection sucks so much that when we called to sign up for DVR they actually told us not to bother. (Perhaps they are tired of my sarcastic remarks about their ads that tell us comcast is better than DSL because comcast is "fast no matter where you live..." unless, of course you live in my building, where the cable has been slated for replacement for 10 years. (And as long as you don't have too many people on line at the same time - just sayin, comcast, that I do know how it works)

This should be a good thing - perhaps a very good thing - but my personal guess is that things will suck more before they get better. My notice says they want to come into the apartment Thursday and Friday - no time, no better date. I'd really like JIm to be here when they come in, but how do you schedule around that? It also says to "empty all of our personal belongings out of the pantry." My guess is they need access to the crawl space, which I can do. But that isn't what it asks for, now is it. Empty out my entire pantry? Hello, I've lived here, with a packrat, for 24 years. Not going to happen on one night's notice, especially when I suspect it's pointless.

So, my money is on them screwing up the line so that I have no tv or internet for a minimum of 2 days. We'll see. They are also unlikely to be pleased to find me home while they want to work. (that will be mutual, I won't be happy to be on someone else's schedule for two days) I have no intention of putting up with their regular brand of condescension - and I have swords in almost every room.


Chris's mother has beaten the odds once again, and Chris should be home sometime today. I'm glad everything worked out as well as it did.

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