fileg (fileg) wrote,

Currently, I am watching A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum with Jim, who has never seen it before *G*

I haven't regaled you with the events of the last few days because they have revolved around ... well, plumbing. The highpoints -

They came in to look at the leak that caused what the cable guys called "the toxic lake in the crawl space", and said "it 's just groundwater."

The next day, Jim insisted they look at the leak in the bedroom 1/2 bath (this leak is the one that requires a basin and still results in the floor rotting away). The super once more said it needed to be tightened, but Jim being home, he insisted the super look at the floor. They decided that yes, I do really need the floor replaced, and the toilet is "sort of loosly connected to the floor."

So, all loose objects out of the bathroom, joining the piles of stuff still lying about till the cable guys come back.

While attempting to tighten that, we heard muffled cursing and banging, followed by the super who came out and announced that that hmmm, the toilet seems to be cracked. Funny that.

So, it being Friday, he left it disconnected to stop the water running. With, of course, no chance it was going to be fixed over the Labor Day weekend. Tuesday at the earliest. For the toilet, that is - somehow we never got an answer about the floor. (At this point, the super laughed and said "It's a good thing you're in a two bathroom apartment." Lucky, neh?)

I used to like the water sports of summer. *sigh*

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